All Business Media FM Interviews Jen

Business. Experience. Passion. Techniques.

All Business Media FM is an American company that helps businesses and professionals build their media presence by offering them different advertisement gameplans. They do almost everything, from press releases, tv show production, corporate video production and social media campaigns.

Listen to Jen’s interview with one of the hosts, Rob, as they chat about Jen’s experience, passion, and techniques as a Career Strategist.

I basically hold my clients’ hand and help them, walk them through their resume, their cover letter, etc. I decide which career path would be best suitable for them based on their interests, their experience, their passion and things like that. Also making sure that their social media is is on point and that their LinkedIn is selling them the best possible. Meeting with some clients, actually applying for jobs with them and figuring out if there is hidden job markets or hidden job opportunities that they weren’t finding on their own. So this is an example of why I call myself a Career Strategist as opposed to a Career Coach. Most coaches sort of give you advice on the phone and give you homework and kind of walk away whereas I actually sit with my clients and do this stuff with them and for them.

Full segment below.