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Certified Life + Soul Purpose Coach. Ex-Recruiter + HR professional. Passionate about guiding ambitious soulprenuers and professionals to a purpose driven career.

A note from Jen

My purpose is to help others unlock theirs.

Hi, I’m Jen Narayan, Career + Purpose Coach, here to guide you through the process of discovering your superpowers and building a career that is aligned to your purpose. Whether you are working in a corporation or transitioning to becoming a soulpreneur, my goal for you will be the same – to reconnect you with your innate gifts and create a life and business founded on your core purpose.

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jen's top collaborations



Corporate HR expertise meets spirituality and alignment.

Helping clients get “unstuck” in their careers and land their dream job has been my focus over the past decade, however, what really clicked for me was when I realized I could bridge one’s purpose to their career for a more fulfilling life.

Born to immigrant parents who held jobs solely to make ends meet, paving the way for their family’s future, I’ve realized a career doesn’t have to just be a means for survival. Instead, a career can be fulfilling, bring joy to your life, and have a positive impact on others when aligned with your purpose.

After spending 10+ years working as a Recruiter, I knew I was on the path to a purpose driven career. Like all paths in life, there were detours, redirections, and deadends, but as I delved into unlocking my purpose, I found the clarity I’d been searching for.

Combining my corporate expertise with my passion for spirituality and alignment, I guide my clients through a proven process to identify their passions, potential, and career goals, whether that’s finding the next role in your corporate career or becoming an independent soulpreneur. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients across a variety of industries, facilitated workshops, and presented as a guest speaker at universities and corporations across the country – and this is only the beginning. 

So what did I discover on my own path? That my purpose is to help you unlock yours: to find a fulfilling career aligned to your superpowers, embody your highest self and to live a life purposefully.

coaching style

A driven and goal-orientated coach that will ignite your inner spark, leading to massive transformation.


Unearthing creative solutions

Determining root challenges

Breaking down goals and creating a simple action plan

Inspiring others to take aligned action that has a transformative impact

Identifying patterns and connecting the dots

Helping those around me discover their superpowers … and purpose!

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Coaching Overview

Coaching Style: Transformational + Intuitive

Purpose: To help others unlock their unique purpose, reconnect them with their innate gifts and align it with their career.

Medium: 1:1 Coaching, workshops and online courses

How clients describe me: Detail Oriented, Eye for Detail, Practical, Transparent, Honest, Real, Straightforward, Results Oriented, Passionate, See the big picture, making the career search process fun and simple.

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