Are You Distracted From Finding Your Purpose?

Have you been struggling to figure out your purpose in life?  Are you unaware of what your superpowers and gifts are?  If so, you may be too distracted to even come close to unlocking your purpose.

Your purpose can not be figured out overnight, it can even take years!  I don’t mean to scare you and have you think that discovering yours could be impossible.  It really just may be that you have too many other things going on in your life that aren’t aligned to your highest self, leaving you no space to uncover your purpose.  So I wanted to share some tips with you in hopes to get you motivated. I will warn you that these tips are not brand new, you probably are already aware of most of them, however you may not have been aware that these things can actually block you from discovering your purpose.  

1. Not dedicating time to meditate.

We have all heard the countless scientific reasons why we should meditate and for some reason that is still not enough to get most of us to start our practice.  No judgement though, I recently embarked on mine (again.)  However, if you are really wanting to live and become your purpose, then meditation is one avenue to get you there.  It allows you to learn to be the observer in situations and over time, develop the skill to not take things so personally which can save you a lot of energy that could be directed to more positive thoughts.  The other reason though is that with a consistent meditation practice, you will start gaining more insights and clarity to your deeper questions and uncover the answers that your higher self already knows.

2. Spending time with low vibrational people.  

You are a sum of the people you hang around with, and if those people are not living their purpose, it may keep you at the frequency of not living yours as well.  As you begin to live more in alignment with your true self, you will vibe higher, and attract people at this new level.  As you continue to be in flow, you will get closer and closer to discovering your purpose.

3. Reality TV + scrolling mindlessly through social media.

I put these together because they seem to affect us in similar ways, and I am totally guilty of doing both of these!  I do watch reality TV and I scroll mindlessly through social media, and instantly I notice how disconnected I feel from myself and my purpose.  Since this is a pleasure I still get some enjoyment from, I have decided to implement major boundaries around this.  I allow it, limit and schedule small amounts of time for it so it doesn’t impact me too negatively. 

4. Not getting enough sleep.

How can we connect with our soul’s desire if we are tired?  I mean I don’t even want to cook dinner when I am tired, let alone reflect on my deeper purpose.  So you must make sleep a priority.  Treat it as a goal as you would with other things like buying a house or having a family.  Seriously, if you treat sleep as something that is so important and aim for 6-9 hours  (Whatever your sweet spot is) daily, watch your life just soar!

5. Your diet.

By diet, I don’t mean going on a diet, I just mean whatever you are consuming.  I don’t want to call out any foods specifically, but YOU know exactly the things that you are consuming that make you feel discomfort and and the things that make you feel satiated and overall amazing.  Keep doing more of the latter and watch how your energy multiplies.

6. Journaling

By taking the time to reflect on your emotions more often, you will become more aware and move into the observer mode where you are not being super attached to your ego.  Journaling seems to be intimidating to people, and I think it’s because they have this idea that journaling has to be many pages long.  What if you just committed to micro journaling?  Write down a sentence or two when you want to reflect on anything, positive or negative, and if you want to write more, go with it.  You will find over time, you actually look forward to journaling and it becomes a form of self care. 

7. Movement

Move daily.  Whether it be a walk, a pilates class or dancing to your favourite song.  Whatever you choose, as long as it’s something you look forward to, then you will build a sustainable movement practice.

Like I said, these are all tips and practices you have heard before – however I wanted to bring to your awareness that if you are struggling to find your purpose but aren’t paying attention to some of these areas in your life, you may not have the space or energy to get close to discovering it.  Finding your purpose can take some time, however by committing daily to  some of these tips, you will create a life you love and create space for you to allow yourself to discover your purpose.

If you are ready to take steps toward discovering yours, you can check out my free Unlock Your Superpowers and Discover your Purpose workbook here.


With gratitude 🌹

Jen Rose Narayan, Career + Purpose Coach 

[email protected]