A Soulpreneur is an entrepreneurial person who creates a business and career aligned to their purpose and highest self.

Work with Jen to discover your unique superpowers and purpose to launch your side hustle with confidence.

In this program you will:

Get to know me

Hi, I’m Jen Rose.

I’m a modern soul having a human experience. 

A Career + Purpose coach, mother and wife, a lover of all things wellness and spirituality – and I’m here to help you align your career with your authentic purpose in pursuit of a fuller, more meaningful life.

How I have supported my Soulpreneur Launch clients.


Program Outline

Soulpreneur Launch Program

(10 sessions)
$2697 CAD

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Amanda Lee

Marketing Consultant

Jen inspired me to think deep about what I’m passionate about in both my everyday life and career. Through this process, she offered me advice and support on my decisions when I stuck between a cross road. I took this time to really dig into what brings me joy and happiness and use that to create a road map on where I see myself in 5-10 years. Together we came up with a game plan on action steps required to go from corporate to solopreneur and I’ve never felt more confident in my decision!

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