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You’ll get worksheets, training videos, and easy-to-use resources for my proven Land Your Dream Job Process through 10 modules:

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Get to know me

Hi, I’m Jen Rose.

I’m a modern soul having a human experience. 

A Career + Purpose Coach, mother and wife, a lover of all things wellness and spirituality – and I’m here to help you align your career with your authentic purpose in pursuit of a fuller, more meaningful life.

What makes the Land Your Dream Job online course different?

I wrapped up my entire 15+ years in Recruiting & Career Consulting
(and experience working with 100's of happy 1-on-1 clients)​

So you’re also getting…​

Proven 10-Step Process​

After working with 100’s of private clients, and seeing 1000’s of resumes as a Recruiter, I nailed down the exact 10-step process and strategies it takes to go from hoping for, to landing the job of your dreams.

Insider Strategies​

As one of the pickiest recruiters out there, I know what it takes to beat the bots and get your resume passed on to the hiring manager. I’ll show you my secret job search hack for discovering the hard-to-find (but perfect for you) jobs.


Yes! You can access this course 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can be sure I’ll update the training material as any new trends that happen in the job search world emerge. It’s an easy, risk-free guarantee.​

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A few of the FAQ's people love to ask.

No way! There’s a way to reframe your time off, and your previous experience whether you were terminated, home with the kids, or caring for a family member so it takes you in the direction of the job you really want. And yes, I’ll show you exactly how to do this in the Land Your Dream Job Online Course.

The online course is $247 CAD. The lessons within Module 10, all about salary negotiation, will help you achieve a higher offer, so this $247 CAD will soon feel like a bargain.

Then I’ve got to ask: Do you already have your dream job? If you don’t, or you’re wondering if you already know everything I’m going to share, then I invite you to sign up and see. You’ll have 30 days to request a refund if you’re not into it – just show me your completed worksheets, including your updated resume, for each of the modules.

Definitely. Everything I show you inside the Land Your Dream Job Online Course will help you expand on the right spots of your education and experience. Plus, you’ll be able to confidently handle any interviews that come your way. Then, as you’re ready to shift to a new role, you can revisit this training to give you a boost, and help you get to your goals a lot faster.

a note from jen

The job you want is within your grasp…​

You’ve been sending out resumes for weeks. You’ve been refreshing your inbox constantly. Your eyes are glazing over from all the screen time.

It’s time to take action to align your job search with your dreams. It’s time to drop the insecurities and uncertainties and have a career aligned to your purpose.

And I’m here to point you in the right direction.

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Enroll in the Land Your Dream Job Online Course for one payment of:

$247 $197 CAD